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Tourist Visa

Tourist visa will be issued for foreign nationals who are interested in travelling to Iran individually and with a group with the purpose of visiting Iran and their relatives.




- Applicant should apply for visa one months before scheduled travel to Iran.

     Applicants should be applied for tourist visa at this website ( e visa ) :

-     After receiving the tracking code and having the following documents only on Thursday from 8:45 to 12:00(except Official Holidays of the Embassy mentioned in this link) refer to the Embassy in person or complete documents can be posted ( incomplete documents is not accepted and in this situation all the document will be returned by post without any visa process)

- For urgent visa application: The possibility of checking and issuing an urgent visa is only on Thursdays from 8:45 and 12:00 (except for the official holidays listed on the Embassy site), and the applicant must provide the tracking code and having the following documents. So, do not send the documents by post to if you request to receive an urgent visa.


Requirements and regulations:

1- Original Passport. (with at least six months validity and two blank pages)

2- A copy of Resident Card (for Non-Swedish Passport holders)

3- A print from reserved flight ticket.

3- In case of Iranian ladies with foreign husbands when applying visa for their children from the Foreign husband, the original Iranian ID Card with marriage and childerens name registration, Swedish birth certificate of the child (Personbevis) and a letter indicating father's permission for the child to travel certified by Swedish officials should be included.**

4- A copy of health and accident insurance, valid under visa period.(Insurance Certificate, Hemförsäkringar)

5- The payment receipt for [Tourist Visa Fee] paid into 
Account Nr : 52771112515 - SEB Bank.

(Husband and children of the Iranian women who are married to foriegn men, must pay 50% of the visa fee, if their marriage is registered in the Iranian ID.)

6- A "return envelope" with name, address and adequate prepaid postage to cover cost of registered mail.


7- Personbevis , which has the name and full details, includes the name of the parent and their citizenship, and the date and place of birth.



- You with Tourist visa by one entry can stay maximum 90 days in Iran

-You with Tourist visa by two entry can stay every time in Iran maximum 30 days.

- If applicant request for immediate visa, fee will be increased 50 %

- Godman have to come to the Embassy to apply himself, if not, his documents and signature should be legalized in Notarius Paplicous. (A birth certificate or personbevis is also needed in this case.)

- Children whose father is Iranian can travel to Iran ONLY with Iranian passport.

- Please note that health and accident insurance as part of home insurance is valid only for 45 days. For longer visa period requires a separate contract.

- Required copies must be clear and legible on A4 paper.

- Embassy account number to pay the fees is:

52771112515 - SEB Bank

Visas Fees are not refundable After sending visa request to the Embassy in any condition (such as cancel visa register with the applicant or decision of the Embassy to not assign visa) visa fee do not refund to the applicant.


- We shall make every effort to process your application as quickly as possible but we must strongly advise you to check that all required documentation has been submitted. Incomplete applications are subject to delays.


Contact Information

Tel: 0046 765900539 , Wednesday,Thursday and friday from clockan 15 to 16

Fax: 0046 (08) 6363626



Postal Adress of Embassy:

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Stockholm

Box 6031

18106  Lidingö


Visiting Address of Embassy (Besöksadress):

Västra Yttringegård

Elfviksvägen 76

18190  Lidingö


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Islamic Republic of IRAN,
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