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About the Ambassador


Sayed Rasool Mohajer, as a career diplomat is the Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Sweden. He was director of northern European countries from 1994 to 1999 in ministry of foreign affairs and all of his foreign missions previously were in Europe. While he has served before as Iranian Ambassador in Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Portugal,he would like to use those experiences to activate and diversify all aspects of political, economic, and cultural relations between Iran and Sweden.

Before coming to Sweden in spring 2016, in his last position in Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tehran, he was Director General of Asia when the big proportion of foreign trade of Iran was concentrated on that area and those countries became Iran`s first trade partner while many capabilities of the relations between Iran and those countries were activated. Relying on those experiences, he wishes if could explore and develop the neglected potential capacities between Iran-Sweden in all fields.

Iranian community in Sweden are the greatest, most important and invaluable asset for historical relation between the two countries. The people whom absolute majority migrated solely during last four decades enriched and valued Tehran-Stockholm relations more than ever. Thanking warm hospitality extended by friendly Swedish people to them, Iranian origins are the best and most moderate foreign communities here, who played very constructive role in Swedish society. Members of more than one hundred thousand of that community are working proudly in all institutions throughout Sweden, more importantly in executive and legislative bodies. 

Sayed Rasool Mohajer is one of rare Iranian diplomats having consular experiences beside to his bilateral, working as Director General in Consular department of foreign ministry from 2004 to 2007 being fully familiar with consular issues. Such background was one of main reasons that President Dr Rouhani dispatched Rasool Mohajer to Sweden, what the President underlined it in the private meeting of the Ambassador prior to his mission in Sweden, when asked him to serve Iranian descents and extend every facilities for them. In this respect, relying on his work in such very busy and decisive department in foreign ministry, Mohajer attaches importance to those Iranian origins and wishes to ease and facilitate consular procedures for them. He firmly believes that Iranian descents residing in Sweden could contribute and play very crucial role for most expansion of the diversified cooperation between two nations and governments.  

Mohajer is hopeful that with the help of God Almighty, during his stay in Stockholm all aspects of the relations between Islamic Republic of Iran and Sweden would be flourished.


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